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Do you have Gum Disease?


article by Raha Sepehrara

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We have lots of different types of bacteria that live within our mouths. When we brush, we are brushing in order to remove the bacteria. It is really important to ensure that we brush twice daily, brushing every surface of every tooth.

If the bacteria are allowed to accumulate around the gum margin for a length of time it will start as a sticky substance (plaque) and eventually develop into a hard substance (calculus / tartar) which is difficult to remove using a toothbrush alone.


How would you know if you had gum disease?

  • Your gums will appear red and swollen (puffy)
  • Your gums will probably bleed because there is inflammation
  • You may experience a bad taste in your mouth
  • You may experience bad breath
  • You may experience swelling, pus and possibly some discomfort

All of the above are signs of gum disease. If you feel you have any of the above, I would strongly suggest that you book an appointment with a Dental Hygienist to have your gums screened for gum disease.


If I had gum disease I would want to know! Wouldn't you?

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