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Dental implants are small titanium screws, which are implanted into the jawbone, designed to replace the root section of a missing tooth. Dental implants are more versatile than other tooth replacement methods because they can be used to replace a single missing tooth, a number of missing teeth and, of course, a full arch of missing teeth. Dental implants can benefit patients of all ages and if you have a missing tooth or a number of missing teeth, this could be the perfect solution for you!

The dental implant journey

Widely regarded as the best treatment for missing teeth, dental implants have taken dentistry by storm.

Are dental implants suitable for everyone?

Dental implants are suitable for most adults and they can be used for older people; many older people worry that they are not a suitable candidate for implant treatment because of age, but the only factor that is taken into consideration is your health and the density of your jaw bone. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out a bone grafting procedure if there is a lack of bone density in the jaw, but this should not prevent you from undergoing dental implant treatment.

Before treatment, a thorough consultation will be carried out to check that you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

Is implant treatment painful?

Implant treatment is generally painless, as it is carried out under anaesthetic, and sedation can be used for nervous patients. We’re happy to arrange a meeting with patients who have already had implant treatment so that you have a better understanding of what is going to happen and so you can have any questions you might have answered by people who have already been through the process.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are a really effective long-term treatment for missing teeth; they should last a lifetime provided that they are cared for properly, just like natural teeth. Implants produce amazing aesthetics and they are highly functional; once the new restoration is in place, the tooth or teeth will function in the exactly the same way as your natural teeth. Implants are ideal for patients who have lost a tooth as a result of injury or an accident and they are also a great option for patients who have experienced problems with dentures in the past.

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Dental implants are not the cheapest treatment, but they do represent a long-term investment. Implants start from £2000 (including the abutment and crown).

The total cost of treatment varies according to a number of factors, including the number of implants you need and the type of restoration. We will provide you with a quote during the consultation stage.

We offer flexible finance to make treatment more affordable; just ask our reception team for more details about our finance plans.

Do I need to care for dental implants?

Yes, you will need to take good care of your dental implants to ensure that the implants last and also to maintain good oral health. It is important to remove plaque and food debris from around the implant to reduce the risk of gum disease and decay.

Dental implants in Nottingham

If dental implants appeal to you and you live in Nottingham, then we can talk you through the procedure in more detail. Call us today to arrange a consultation!

How long has dental implant treatment been performed?

Dental implants are not a new procedure. Prof. Brånemark started his research in the early ’50s and has revolutionized implants as we know them today. Prof. Brånemark placed his first osseointegrated implant in a patient in 1965, after many years of preclinical studies.

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Martin Cross reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I have always had a fear of visiting the dentist. However, I find the staff at the Dental Suite to be friendly and welcoming and they always put me at ease. I even felt confident enough to have a dental implant following years of putting off treatment. I highlyhly recommend their caring and friendly service. … READ MORE

Linda Yates     

I had lower implants fitted and was very nervous of the treatment, but Kal and the Staff were brilliant, they made me feel very calm. So glad I had this done. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now. First class.

Adam Carden     

I’ve been very impressed with my whole experience at the Dental Suite after joining as a new patient to the practice recently. The customer service levels expressed by members of their team were second to none and as a fairly anxious and nervous patientent I was made to feel comfortable as soon as I entered the practice. During the initial consultation my treatment options were explained to me thoroughly by both the dentist and the nurse who followed up with me after my appointment. Having my treatment plan explained to me in such a way calmed my nerves and I felt at ease at my next appointment. I will not hesitate to return to the practice in 6 months time for my routine check and hygiene appointment thanks to the dental suite. … READ MORE

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