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Damon Braces Nottingham

The Damon system is a unique fixed brace treatment, which promises amazing results without any pain. Damon braces are one of the best examples of advances in the field of Orthodontics and they provide an impressive and innovative alternative to traditional fixed braces.

The orthodontic assessment

Damon braces are different to traditional fixed braces because they have a special sliding mechanism, which makes treatment much more comfortable. The sliding brackets hold the wires in place without the need for elastic or metal bands and they allow a much smoother, gentler movement, which prevents pain during the treatment process.

If you are looking for a solution for complex orthodontic problems and you want great aesthetics, comfort and speed, this is the ideal treatment for you!

Damon Clear

We are delighted to announce that we now offer Damon Clear, which has all the benefits of the traditional Damon system with the added bonus of clear braces. This means that patients with complex orthodontic needs can now benefit from transparent braces and a truly discreet treatment option. Damon Clear braces are ideal for patients who would prefer braces that are less noticeable; the braces are made from transparent materials and the brackets are stain-resistant.

“Definitely worth it”
“It was amazing….amazing”

How are Damon braces different to normal fixed braces?

Damon braces have a host of advantages over traditional fixed braces, including:

  1. No need for tooth extraction before treatment
  2. Enhanced comfort
  3. Fewer appointments needed to adjust the brace
  4. Improved facial aesthetics

Are Damon braces expensive?

The Damon Braces system is an advanced appliance and the price reflects the many benefits; typically, treatment costs around £3,250.

How often will I need to see my dentist?

We would love to see you as often as possible! However every 6-8 weeks during the treatment process will be sufficient. We will discuss check-ups with you once your braces have been fitted.

Damon Braces in Nottingham

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Reviews from Social Media

Natalie Macpherson reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I had Damon clear braces and have been looked after by Ana. I’m absolutely delighted with the result. The whole team at the dental suite have been fantastic. I’d highly recommend their services. Love my new smile

Lou Needham reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I can’t praise the team enough! I have come away from my brace experience with straight teeth as well as overcoming my fear of going to the dentist. Thank you!

Cynthia Buxton     

I have straight teeth for the first time in my life following orthodontic braces treatment. The whole process has been completely smooth and painless. I am delighted with the result. Thank you all

Pippa Green     

I have had braces for 20 months and the entire time the staff have been friendly and welcoming and they are all doing an incredible job. My teeth look amazing!

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