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Invisalign Teen Treatment Nottingham

Invisalign Teen is a hugely impressive treatment developed especially for teenage patients. This treatment has all the features of the original Invisalign system with added benefits for younger patients.


Invisalign Teen is an ideal treatment for those looking for a discreet, functional and comfortable treatment; if this sounds like you, contact us today!

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How Invisalign works

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is a very popular treatment with our teenage patients. It works in exactly the same way as the original Invisalign system but it has additional features to make the treatment process more convenient for the image conscious youth. Like Invisalign, you wear bespoke aligners for 2 weeks in a specified order. However, Invisalign Teen aligners are slightly different because they have colour indicators, which remind you when to swap your aligner. Invisalign Teen also comes with spare aligners, which means that it’s not the end of the world if you misplace one of them.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is an effective orthodontic treatment for teenagers; not only are the aligners transparent, which means you need not worry about their image or what others think of your braces. They are also removable, giving you more freedom. Invisalign Teen has bonus features, which make treatment more straightforward, and the aligners are light with no painful metal bands.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Invisalign Teen is a versatile treatment and it can address a number of common problems, including:

  1. Overcrowding
  2. Problems with your bite
  3. Spaces between your teeth
  4. Twisted teeth
  5. Crooked teeth

We will check that you are a suitable candidate for treatment during your consultation; if you are not a suitable candidate, we have a range of other treatments that could be better suited to your needs.

How much does Invisalign Teen cost?

Treatment costs vary but they start from £1500 depending on level of difficulty.

Invisalign Teen in Nottingham

If you live in Nottingham and you are thinking about having orthodontic treatment, give us a call! We can arrange a consultation to talk about Invisalign Teen, explain how treatment works and why it could benefit you.

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Reviews from Social Media

Andy Kulesza reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

I initially visited the Dental Suite for an Invisalign consultation. I can honestly say everything about this practice is fantastic. The receptionist staff are lovely and welcoming which for anyone worried about visiting the dentist would be instantly put at at ease. I booked in for a hygienist appointment with Lizzy? (I think?) – best clean I’ve ever had, my teeth were gleaming afterwards. I decided to go for the Invisalign treatment and was appointed the wonderful Dr Anna as my dentist who would oversee my treatment. Unfortunately before I could start the process I needed to have a front tooth taken out to make space for the other teeth to move. Obviously not the most exciting thing to have done but needs must. As my teeth were quite crowded it made the tooth extraction a very difficult procedure but Dr Kiren did an outstanding job of keeping me comfortable, calm and pain free throughout with what normally would have been a horrific experience. I am now on my first set of Invisalign retainers and cant wait to see the finished result of straight teeth. If anyone if is looking for a dental practice with a wealth of expertise & great customer service then I couldn’t recommend these guys high enough. … READ MORE

Adenike Mott reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

All staff were very welcoming and friendly at all the branches but I used the loughborough branch mostly. I always received text reminders for appointments. I am very happy with all treatment received with the Invisalign braces etc & complimentary toothoth whitening. It has boosted my confident so much and I love my teeth now. Thanks to all … READ MORE

Hannah Cameron reviewed The Dental Suite 5*

Super friendly and helpful, and get the job done. Great team, highly recommend.

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