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Belotero® is a highly innovate dermal filler treatment which can add fullness to the lip and cheek area using hyaluronic acid and Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CRM) expertise.

Made naturally by the body, hyaluronic acid is very important as it enables skin hydration and keeps the skin looking healthy and smooth. Unfortunately, the ageing process means that the body is unable to produce as much hyaluronic acid, therefore skin becomes less hydrated and fine lines and wrinkles become visible. Skin can also appear to lose volume and smoothness due the lower levels of hyaluronic acid in the body. Belotero® helps to hydrate the skin leaving skin plumper looking and skin less lined.

Belotero® is the main monophasic dermal filler which is patented with CPM technology therefore having no particulate matter. This means that the dermal filler can easily fill gaps on the face of varying degrees and sizes. This hyaluronic filler can create more natural, long-lasting result as both treated and untreated parts of the face look natural and in harmony with each other.

What are the main advantages of using Belotero®?

  1. A smoother looking face free from bumps
  2. Allergy testing is not needed due to the biocompatible and biodegradable nature of the filler which is also non-animal substrate.
  3. A shorter recovery time than some other fillers due to very minor levels of swelling or soreness as injections are generally small with little pressure on the skin.
  4. As Belotero® is a non-particulate gel there is no issues with “blue lines” in the areas that have been treated

What are the formulations?

  1. Belotero® Soft – this works well for lines visible around both the eyes and the mouth and can rehydrate the décolletage
  2. Belotero® Basic- this has been created for patients wanting a standard level of wrinkle reduction around the mouth and lip areas (vermillion border)
  3. Belotero® Intense- This can be used on many areas such as the tip of the nose down to the mouth (nasolabial lines). It may also be used to enhance volume in the lip area and also can be used on deeper wrinkles

Will results be long lasting?

Belotero® is not able to create permanent results as it is a non-permanent dermal filler. The hyaluronic acid in the filler treatment breaks down naturally in the body and can last around five to nine months. Booster treatments can be used to keep results in place as the effects of Belotero® start to diminish.

Are there any side-effects after treatment?

It has been very rare for any side-effects to occur but it is perfectly natural for very minor swelling, itching and tenderness around the treated areas at the time of treatment. These should fade very quickly afterwards.

Belotero® is available in Nottingham

Belotero® treatment is available for anyone in Nottingham today. All you need to do is contact our Melton Road clinic and we can talk you through the stages!

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