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Patient complaints

The practice is committed to offer high standards of care and service to our patients. If we have failed to meet their expectations we will make best endeavours to deal with any dissatisfaction promptly and courteously and learn from our mistakes.

This procedure does not apply to oral complaints that have been resolved to patient satisfaction within 24 hours.

A complaint has to be made within 12 months of an incident happening. Patients will receive an initial acknowledgement from the Practice Manager within 3 working days with an offer to discuss the matter.

We will make every effort to fully investigate the issue within 10 working days. If there is a delay in investigation we will notify the patient about it, giving the reasons and the likely date for its completion.

We will keep comprehensive records and will write to the patient with a detailed report signed by either Dr Bohara or Dr Sepehrara. The report will contain an explanation of how the complaint has been considered, what conclusions have been achieved including any remedial actions needed.

It is our goal to offer the best solution, as we never want to have unhappy patients.

If the patient is still dissatisfied after following the practice procedure, the patient will be informed of the right to contact a separate body.

Patients who have complained will not be discriminated against in future.


General Dental Council – Dental Complaints Service

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