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The Nottingham Smiles Scholarship Contest

Dental Health at Nottingham Smiles is of paramount importance, something that is not simply limited to when problems emerge. More than a quarter of adults only see the dentist when there is a problem, which often means the chance to stop major issues before they emerge is lost. To help spread the word about good tooth care, we are introducing the Nottingham Smiles Scholarship Contest, where the entrant that best explains healthy teeth habits will win a £1000 scholarship for their future in education.

Who Is Allowed to Enter?

To enter, you need to be a student (no age limit).

Please make sure to note your educational status in your email entry.

What is Needed to Enter?

To enter, simply write a 500 word article on the importance of good dental hygiene. Entrants will need to detail precisely why these habits are beneficial to a general audience.

Judging Your Entries

All entries will be judged based not only on the accuracy of dental information and advice given but also the creativity and entertainment of the writing, so get creative!

Submitting your Entry

Once your work is done, send it via email to scholarships@nottinghamsmiles.co.uk.

The deadline for entries is midnight on 10th August, 2019.

Please ensure that you provide your contact details (Name, Telephone Number, Address), as well as the educational establishment and course you are currently studying or expect to study this year.

We at Nottingham Smiles will then go through every entry individually to ensure every entry has an equal chance of winning. Once our judging panel comes to a final decision, the victor will be announced.

Best of Luck from all of us here at Nottingham Smiles!