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The Scholarship Contest from The Dental Suite

The Dental Suite are proud to announce the creation of The Scholarship Contest, a writing contest with a prize of £1000 for whomever can best explain positive and healthy dental health habits.


As leading dentists throughout the midlands, we see more than most the effects of poor dental health. Over 80% of adults have at least one teeth filling, and part of the reason for such problems in dental health is not being aware of things you can do to keep your teeth bright and healthy. Bad dental health can have major effects later in life and anything that can be done to raise awareness of good dental habits is very important.

Who (Can Enter)?

Any student (no age limit).


What we require is a piece of creative writing, no longer than 500 words that explains good dental hygiene habits. Please be factual as well as creative, as the key to success will be a written piece that explains in an insightful and entertaining way the facts about dental hygiene and why keeping your teeth healthy is so important.

How (Will Entries be Judged)?

Entries will be judged here at The Dental Suite. We will be looking not only as experts at the facts of good dental health but also looking for creative flair and expressing these ideas that will be interesting to everyone.


Once completed, send your 500-word work to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your name, address, contact telephone number and where and what you are studying in your cover email, so we can get back to you.


The Deadline for entries is 20th August, 2019. After this date we cannot accept any more entries.

We know the quality for submissions will be incredibly high and as a result we wish to review each submission carefully before we decide on the scholarship contest’s winner. Once we come to a final decision, we will announce a winner.

The Dental Suite looks forward to your submissions and wishes you the absolute best of luck!

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