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We understand that many patients feel anxious and nervous when they go to the dentist and we have a special programme in place to help nervous patients.


We’ve created a relaxing atmosphere as far from the traditional perception of a dentist’s surgery as possible.


Our gentle approach puts communication first. We listen. Then we listen again. And finally, we listen some more!

No Stress. No Worries

Sedation is often confused with general anaesthetic. Here’s Nick Crombie on the difference between the two.


The Dental Suite nervous patient program

We are fully aware that going to the dentist is a nerve-wracking experience for some patients and we go the extra mile to help our clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their time with us. Our practice has earned national and international recognition for treating nervous patients, with patients travelling from all over the country to see our compassionate dentists.

Oh, My Goodness!

Catherine says she can’t remember a thing about her five hours of treatment at The Dental Suite.

Worried? Forget About it!

Sedation lulls you into a peaceful, dreamlike state during treatment. Like most patients, Catherine says she doesn’t remember a thing.


How is the Dental Suite different from other practices?

We have designed our clinics to be peaceful and comforting, aiming to provide a calm environment to help patients relax. We firmly believe that communication is key; we take time to get to know our patients and talk through their anxieties. We place all the emphasis on you and we tailor our approach to suit your needs. Feel free to bring any music with you or any specific aromatherapy oils that help you to relax.

We offer tours for prospective patients so that they can have a look around; there is no aggressive hard-sell and our team is always happy to answer questions.

Dr Kalpesh Bohara
Dental phobia certified

Meet the Gentle Dentist

Our principal dentist Dr Kalpesh Bohara is a Dental Phobia-Certified dentist and an expert advisor to the website

He has written extensively and advised dentists on helping patients overcome their fears.

But more importantly, he has helped thousands of nervous and anxious patients overcome their fears and discover how to stop worrying about the dentist.

He is also a Dental Phobia Certified dentist click here to verify.


Sedation at the Dental Suite

We offer sedation for nervous patients. Sedation is very effective, helping you to feel calm and relaxed, before and during your treatment. You do not lose consciousness whilst sedated, but it does induce a deep state of calm and you will be unlikely to remember anything after treatment. Sedation is ideal if you have severe anxiety, dental phobia or a specific fear. It is also beneficial for patients who are having a long treatment session and those who have a very sensitive gag reflex.


The Wand

The wand offers a more comfortable and less intimidating alternative to traditional syringes for administering local anesthesia, particularly for nervous dental patients.

Its advanced technology and gentle approach contribute to a positive dental experience, helping patients overcome their fears and receive necessary dental care with greater ease.


Join Our Happy Patients

You’ll see patients talk about what makes Dental Suite great in our five-star reviews and testimonial videos. But there’s no better way to discover why we’re above the ordinary than to book a consultation and find out for yourself!

Sue’s Story

Nobody would ever know they weren’t my real teeth!

Keith’s Story

They look like natural teeth, work like natural teeth—and feel fantastic!


Consistently Five-Star Rated

With 1000+ five-star reviews online, The Dental Suite is Nottingham’s top-rated clinic for quality care.

Temi Abioye

Currently undergoing a treatment plan to get braces with these lovely people and so far I’m very impressed with the quality of their services. Overall the service and atmosphere of this practice is excellent. I would 100% recommend.

Brian Negus

I was referred to The Dental Suite, Loughborough, by my regular dentist for implant treatment to replace a bridge and a loose tooth supporting it. I have been impressed by the professional and friendly service provided and by the surgeon’s care in ensuring that I understand the process, benefits and potential risks of implant surgery.

Karina Foster

I was impressed with the whole service. I was able to get an appointment for a check up. The staff were friendly, helpful and professional. The checkup was very thorough. Follow up treatment with a hygienist was arranged promptly. I can’t fault any part of my experience.

Laura W

Lovely and friendly service with Claire and Hussein for my invisalign journey. Always happy to explain and take their time showing they care about their patients.

Ian Cunningham

Loughborough Team friendly and welcoming. I have had several implants and general dentistry carried out over a period of several years and continue to be delighted with the results.

Claire Smith

Wonderful experience – Maryam the hygienist is great and even though I am a very nervous patient she took it really slow and my teeth now look excellent!

Dr Muhammad Umer

Excellent service! I’ve got my composite bonding and regular clean!

Steve Perry

Keiren and team welcomed me into their practice reassuring me that they would provide an excellent service. True to their word …. they have. By helpfully explaining my dental programme and each procedure as they performed them I can confidently say they have helped me overcome by ‘going to the dentist’ phobia. Thank you!


What a great first experience at the Dental Suite. From the initial telephone conversation to the end of my treatment plan I experienced excellent customer service. Would highly recommend. I’m hopeful that the great service continues. Thank you Hussein and all the other members of staff that played apart of my dental treatment.

Kim Taylor

The dental suite is an amazing dentist. They make everything so smooth sailing and make me feel so welcomed every single visit. They have completely changed my perspective after their support, friendliness and professionalism on my braces journey. Thank you to the team at the Dental Suite for being so amazing at what you do!!



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Dental phobia treatment in Nottingham

Phobic patients who live in Nottingham are always welcome to contact us and discuss a potential treatment plan that takes into account your fears and makes you feel comfortable.

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