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Restoring Confidence with Gum Grafting

If you have receding gums, you may feel you have little to smile about. This condition – also known as gingival recession – can be excruciating, especially when the teeth’s sensitive nerves become exposed.

Receding gums can also cause a massive dent to confidence, leaving sufferers reluctant to smile.

If you have experienced the pain of receding gums, you’ll be pleased to know the condition is reversible through a quick and painless procedure called gum grafting.


Gum Grafts Explained

A gum graft involves taking tissue from the roof of your mouth and re-applying it to the affected areas from where gums have retreated. In some cases, tissue from a donor’s mouth can also be used.

The grafted tissue fuses with the gum, closing gaps and covering painfully exposed nerves. It’s a fast and straightforward way to restore gum health and put an end to the pain of gingival recession.

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Gum Grafting – Your FAQs Answered

Do I need to prepare for the procedure?

There is no special preparation needed to undergo a gum graft. However, you may need to make arrangements for after the procedure like arranging transport home from the clinic. The anaesthetic used could make you drowsy for some time after.

How long will I be in the clinic?

Gum graft treatments can usually be carried out in around an hour or two, and there’s no need to stay in the clinic afterwards. We will ask you to return to the clinic a few weeks after treatment so that your dentist can make sure your gums are healing well and remove any sutures.

Does gum grafting hurt?

Gum grafts are carried out under local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. You may experience some discomfort during recovery as your new gum tissue fuses and heals. Your dentist can recommend medication to help relieve any soreness.

Will my diet be restricted during recovery?

After the procedure, you should adopt a liquid diet for a few days, moving on to soft foods as the graft begins to heal.

What is the full recovery time?

You should be fully recovered within a week or two.


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Daisy Baumd

I want to say that I am very happy with the treatment I got here. I had my teeth professionally cleaned and they did such a good job that I didn’t need the whitening treatment that I was going to have. Superb.

Adam Emmott

I decided to get a second opinion from the team at the Dental Suite. I was introduced to Vihesh and his colleague Claire who specialises in this area. He was incredibly knowledgeable, polite and answered all my questions clearly. He put together a treatment plan and successfully sorted my troublesome tooth. I have been pain free for over six months since the procedure. Thanks Vihesh and Claire! I highly recommend this dental practice

Becky La Frenais

So far my experience has been fantastic. The dreaded root canal treatment. I can honestly say I never felt a thing, during and after. Vikesh and Claire were amazing and made me feel very much at ease. Highly recommend the Dental suite! I can’t wait to see the final result!

Katarzyna Ilczyk

I was quite nervous about my root canal treatment but Dr Vikash and his assistant went above and beyond to make sure all procedures were painless and comfortable. Highly recommended specialists, extremely professional, great clinic make me feel welcome and gave me reassurance I needed. I’m not anxious anymore to come back for the next visit. Thanks to my amazing dentist, assistant and the clinic

Ashleigh S

Absolutely amazing…I was booked in so quick and Dr Kiren is just the friendliest woman I’ve ever come across…really makes you feel at ease. I would rate more stars if I could, if you’re thinking about any sort of work with Dr Kiren, I say go go go!! Thank you ????

Tim Foster

Excellent first time experience. Thorough examination and health check.


Have had various consultations and ended up getting some tooth bonding, whitening, small fillings at the back and clean/polish as well. This is by far the best dentists I have been to and I have been to a few in my time ?? the staff from the minute you walk in at reception to the all the dentists and nurses are wonderful and friendly. Thanks ???

Rivers McLean

I’ve literally just come away from the practice after having my first single tooth implant procedure. I was super nervous, however, Kal & Gina both made me feel at ease by treating me as an individual and not just a patient sat in their chair.

Joanne Wright

Would definitely recommend the service at the Dental Suite West Bridgford. I had been looking for a dentist who would be able to help me with composite bonding, ahead of my wedding day. The team here were incredibly helpful, completely understanding of my position (and my nervousness of visiting the dentist!) and helped me every step along the way!

Lisa Kennedy

My teeth were in such a bad way, missing teeth, poorly fitting dentures, I knew I had to go private and the Dental Suite gave me what I needed. Thank you so much ?



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Gum Grafting in Nottingham

Receding gums can leave you hiding your smile and avoiding eating or drinking anything that causes sensitivity. But gum loss will lead to tooth loss. Gum grafting restores your smile’s natural balance while protecting your teeth. Contact us today to arrange a gum grafting consultation in Nottingham.

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