What Is Dental Phobia and How Do I Overcome It?

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

It’s common to hear people talking about avoiding going to the dentist. If you have a dental problem, you may put off getting it looked at simply because you’re worried that the treatment might be uncomfortable or even painful. 

Ignoring dental issues doesn’t make them go away. If you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity in your teeth and gums, the problem will persist and worsen. It’s vital to have it addressed to avoid a future of ongoing dental pain. 

But dental phobia is a real problem that affects more people than you may think. If anxiety stops you from making an appointment, it’s time to address your fears. 

Overcoming dental phobia isn’t easy, but with the right tools and support, you can deal with dental problems in an anxiety-free way whenever they appear. Here’s how to fight your fear of the dentist. 

What Is Dental Phobia?

Put simply; dental phobia is a fear of dentists and dental treatment. You might be scared of a specific element of dentistry, or the general experience of being in the dentist’s chair might make you anxious. Alternatively, you may be unsure what you dislike, but the uneasy feeling is enough to keep you from getting treatment. 

Your dental phobia could have been there since childhood. If your parents had dental anxiety, you might have learned to fear dentists from them. A bad experience or considerable dental issues at any point in your life could also cause your anxiety. 

Speak To Us About Your Dental Phobia

The great news is that it’s possible to fight your dental fears and get the treatment you need to take care of your smile. The first step is to talk to us. It might sound scary, but our team are friendly, supportive, and very understanding about dental anxiety. 

Speaking with us lets us learn about your fears. If we know what makes you most anxious, we can find ways to help you during your appointments. We know that it’s difficult to communicate when we’re looking at your teeth, so we can find ways to safely pause treatments so you can take a moment to breathe. 

Bring Someone With You

If you’re anxious, don’t come to your appointment alone. Bring a close friend, partner, or family member you trust and feel comfortable around. Having them with you can help reduce some of the worries you’ll experience. 

Use Breathing Exercises

When you’re anxious, your body naturally sends lots of blood to your muscles to prepare for a fight or flight response. But there is a way of rebalancing where the blood flows. Simply breathing in and out slowly and deeply can help. Breathe in for around four or five seconds, and then breathe out slowly for the same. 

Sending the blood back to your head helps you think rationally, and you’ll feel less tense. 

Listen to Music

Playing your favourite songs can work wonders for calming you down. Bring some noise-cancelling headphones and some tunes, and it can help distract you from what’s happening around you. 

Ask About Sedation

Sedation is a great way to reduce anxiety so you can receive treatment. When sedated, you’ll remain conscious, but you’ll be in a dream-like state, and all your worries will slip away. Patients that choose sedation often find that they’re actually less anxious for future appointments too. 

If you’re receiving sedation, you must not drive after your appointment. 

Overcome Your Dental Phobia With The Dental Suite

At The Dental Suite, we’ve helped many people overcome their dental phobia. If you’re struggling with anxiety but want a better standard of oral health, talk to us. 

Call our friendly team today and arrange your appointment. 



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