Different Cases That Can Be Treated with Dental Braces in Nottingham

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Orthodontics is a fascinating field of dentistry that helps diagnose and treat a variety of facial and teeth irregularities. In general, existing treatments can correct irregular bite or other bite issues, with the use of various appliances, one of which is braces. Braces, alongside other removable devices, can be used to:

  • restore the proper alignment of the teeth and the lips
  • straighten the teeth
  • close gaps between teeth, and
  • correct bite

However, orthodontics can also be of great assistance to other areas of dentistry, such as implant and cosmetic dentistry.

That being said; braces are a much-preferred option to treat:

1. Crowding of the Teeth –  This is when the teeth are twisted, overlapped, or out of line, due to lack of space.
2. Spacing of the Teeth – This means that there are gaps between the teeth.
3. Protruded Teeth – When your top teeth are too far forward.
4. Midline Discrepancy – When the middle of the top teeth does not correspond to the middle of the bottom teeth, or does not correspond to the middle of the face.

Other than that, braces help treat bite issues. In more detail, braces are used to treat:

6. Deep Bite – It is a condition when the top teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth and you can hardly see the bottom teeth.
7. Reverse Bite – When the top front teeth rest behind the bottom front teeth.
8. Anterior Open Bite – When only your back teeth meet together and your front teeth don’t meet at all.
9. Cross Bite – When 1 or more of the top teeth fit inside the bottom teeth, rather than outside.

Why Have my Teeth Straightened?

Many people may wonder why they should undergo all that trouble (as they call it) and have braces to correct their bite and have properly aligned teeth. Although it may come as a surprise to some, having misaligned teeth and an irregular bite can cause joint and jaw problems, as there is too much strain on the facial (jaw) muscles with your every bite.

Other than that, there have been cases where people suffer from headaches and digestion issues because they had bite problems and misaligned teeth. There is absolutely no point to putting yourself through such ordeal when there are plenty, effective solutions to treat your problem. That is the beauty of orthodontics! Why not take full advantage of what modern dentistry has to offer? Painless procedures, sedation, new techniques, new materials used…

Increase your chewing efficiency, get back your confidence, and feel like a free person again, always willing to smile at every instance, with one of the many teeth straightening options available at Straight Teeth Suite. Let’s go through your options, and answer all your questions. Book your first free consultation NOW, or call us on 0115 871 8592 and say farewell to crooked, protruded, misaligned, and crowded teeth that deprive you of the joys of life.



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