7 Tips To Get the Best Out Of Your Invisalign Treatment

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Invisalign is a world-leading clear aligner treatment that’s helped redefine how we straighten teeth. Clear, comfortable, and convenient, it’s obvious why patients don’t need to think too hard about whether this is the treatment they’d like to receive. 

During your initial consultation, we use the latest technology to plot your entire treatment journey. We’ll show you the final outcome before we even start. But achieving these results involves a factor we can’t control— that factor is you

So how do you ensure you get the best out of your Invisalign treatment and ensure you’re playing your part in the teeth straightening process?

Here are seven essential tips to get the smile you’ve always wanted using Invisalign.

1. Wear Your Aligner for at Least 22 Hours Each Day

Invisalign uses gentle force to move your teeth. Every aligner is tailor-made for the wearer’s unique dentition. For maximum effectiveness, it’s important to wear your aligner as much as possible. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and comfortable, so you can sleep wearing it. 

Of course, you can take your aligner out at mealtimes or when cleaning it and if you want to take that crafty selfie, but we recommend putting it straight back in afterwards. 

2. Switch Aligners When Directed

During your treatment, you will need to change aligners every two weeks. Some treatments require as few as 12 aligners, while others need 48 or more. 

Although your new aligner looks exactly the same as the one you’re currently using, you should still swap them as directed. Each new aligner has very slight changes. Missing steps could affect the expected outcome. 

3. Keep Talking

When you first wear an aligner, it can feel a little weird. One potential temporary side effect is that you develop a slight lisp. 

Understandably, this could make you feel self-conscious about speaking, and you may try to limit your conversations. Don’t.

Your tongue is just getting used to something new in your mouth. Once your aligner feels like part of the furniture, you’ll find any speech difficulties subside. Keep practicing speaking! 

4. Remove Your Aligner When Eating or Drinking

After wearing your aligner for a few days, you might start to forget it’s there. This is great news! But don’t forget you need to take your aligner out whenever you eat or drink. 

Eating while wearing your aligner could damage it, cause staining that ruins its clarity, or cover it with food debris. Hot drinks can warp the aligner, and sweet drinks will stain it. 

Water is the only thing that’s okay to drink while wearing your aligner!

If you’re taking your aligner out to eat, place it into a case to keep it clean and safe. 

5. Clean Your Aligner Frequently

Throughout the day, your aligner will pick up food debris from your teeth and bacteria from your mouth. Holding this against your teeth can increase the risk of decay and gum disease, so it’s important to clean your aligner often.

Rinse your aligner and brush it with a soft toothbrush and soap or toothpaste. There are also special cleaning products available.

6. Pay More Attention to Your Oral Hygiene

Although brushing and flossing are no different when you have Invisalign, it does become more important to be stricter with your routine. Having an aligner pressed against your teeth for most of the day can impact dental health if you’re trapping plaque. 

Get strict with your brushing. Brush twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and a good brush. Flossing daily will also reduce bacteria build-ups and keep your smile healthy. Speak to us for tips. 

7. Wear Your Retainer

After the hard work is done, and your smile is straight, we’ll give you a retainer to wear. A retainer is similar to an aligner, but instead of moving your teeth, it helps them retain their position as they become more secure. 

You won’t need to wear your retainer all the time, and the amount you wear may decrease over time. Because it’s not something that’s constantly there, you may forget to put it in as directed. It’s important to get into good habits and wear your retainer, as your hard work could be for nothing if your teeth drift back.

Invisalign in Nottingham

Invisalign is a highly-effective way to get healthier, straighter teeth. But these amazing outcomes require commitment from you. Call today to book your consultation.



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