5 Reasons Not To Be Scared of Root Canal Treatment

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

“You need a root canal treatment.” Six words dentists occasionally say that many patients dread. But the fear and worry you may experience when you find out you need treatment is much worse than it needs to be. 

Root canal infections aren’t pleasant. What starts as sensitivity and manageable discomfort soon grows into pain and inflammation. Every meal becomes a challenge, and you can no longer bite or chew. 

Although the treatment for an infected root canal has a reputation for being scary, the fact of the matter is that’s not bad at all. 

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t be scared of getting a root canal treatment. 

1. Root Canal Treatments Save Teeth

If you have an untreated dental cavity or a crack in your tooth, bacteria can easily enter. Eventually, any bacteria will work its way into the centre of your tooth. 

The pulp chamber is the area of your tooth that houses all the living cells, blood vessels, and nerve endings. This dental pulp extends down into the root canals. Depending on the tooth, you can have up to four canals. 

When bacteria reach the dental pulp, it infects it. But with no way of fighting the infection, the bacteria spreads. Eventually, if left untreated, the bacteria will kill the tooth. A root canal treatment is the only way to prevent the death of the tooth. 

2. Root Canal Treatments Prevent Further Oral Health Complications

Once a root canal infection kills the tooth, it’ll spread further. An abscess will form around the bottom of the tooth, and the infection can spread to neighbouring teeth, gums, the bloodstream, and even vital organs like the heart. 

The ideal time to stop an infection is in its earliest stages.  

3. Root Canal Treatments Only Involve One Appointment

Often, it’s assumed that root canal treatments take a long time and require several appointments. The truth is that we can usually clear out your infection and save your tooth in just one sitting. 

Occasionally, we may recommend that you have a crown placed later. This is to protect the tooth and ensure there are no further infections. 

4. Root Canal Treatments Are Straightforward

There are several myths about root canal treatments. One of the most common is that root canals are long and complicated procedures. These days, with modern technology and advanced techniques, we can remove the infected matter from your tooth quickly. 

Once your tooth is free from bacteria, we’ll use a naturally occurring latex-like material called a gutta percha to plug the inside of your tooth. Next, we’ll place a filling over the hole in your tooth to stop further infection. 

5. Recovery From Root Canal Treatment Is Brief

Most people notice straight after their treatment that the infection has gone. The pain that caused you misery will be a thing of the past. After your anaesthetic wears off, you may experience some soreness; however, this quickly passes. 

You can take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to manage any symptoms during recovery. In rare cases, we may need to prescribe antibiotics to tackle any further infection. 

Root Canal Treatments at Nottingham Smiles

A dental infection is never welcome, but the dentists here at Nottingham Smiles are skilled at performing root canal treatments. You’re in safe hands. 

The earlier we identify and treat a potential infection, the easier it’ll be. If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or sensitivity in any of your teeth, call us today to arrange an appointment.



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