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Root Canal Treatment Nottingham

1.What is Root Canal Treatment used for?

Root canal treatment is used to remove any infected nerves or bacteria within the tooth. This is needed when either the nerve or the blood supply (the pulp) becomes infected because of dental decay or injury to the tooth.

2. Why is Root Canal Treatment used?

If the pulp of the tooth gets infected this can then spread into the root canal area of the tooth. If untreated this can cause an abscess and the infection would develop and spread further.

3. Will it hurt?

During root canal treatment a local anaesthetic is given to patients to prevent pain or discomfort during the treatment. For the next couple of days there may be very minor pain which can be relieved using painkillers.

4. What happens during the root canal treatment?

Our main aim is to remove any infection from the canal system of the tooth. We then shape and clean the canal to stop further infection spreading. Then we apply a temporary filling to the tooth and let it heal.

During the second appointment we finish the root canal treatment using a permanent filling or in some cases a crown. Root canal treatment can only be carried out by a highly skilled dentist and this kind of treatment can take time. Generally, most courses of treatment take two or three visits and the most any one treatment will take is about two hours.

5. Are there any alternatives?

Restoration treatments can be use where the tooth is extracted and then either a bridge, a partial denture or dental implant is used to replace the missing tooth. This aids both chewing and stops neighbouring teeth moving out of position.

Nottingham root canal treatment

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