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Crowns and Bridges Treatment Nottingham

If you have a damaged, weak or missing tooth, you may need a crown or a dental bridge.

Dental crowns are a type of restoration, which are used when a tooth is weakened due to injury or decay; crowns are also known as caps because they sit over the top of the natural tooth.

We make bespoke crowns using the finest materials and our technician is highly skilled and very experienced.

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How is a crown fitted?

The procedure to fit a crown is divided into two appointments; during the first appointment the tooth is prepared and all the damaged and decayed tissue is removed. The tooth is cleaned thoroughly and then an impression is made, which is sent to the technician so that your new crown can be manufactured. In the second appointment, the crown is fitted and fixed into position.

Types of crown

We prefer to use metal-free crowns for the best aesthetics; some of the crowns we use include Empress, LAVA and Procera. We use only high quality materials to ensure that the crowns look natural and last a long time.


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Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration, which is designed to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is made from crowns and a false tooth, which is known as a pontic. The aim of the bridge is to restore function to the mouth and create an attractive, natural looking smile. There are different types of bridge to replace different teeth; the most commonly used dental bridge is a traditional fixed bridge.

Crowns and bridges should last for several years provided that they are well looked-after.

Crowns and bridges in Nottingham

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