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Sabrina Arundel – My Six Month Smiles I first came across the Dental Suite in Loughborough through researching cosmetic braces. My teeth had never been perfectly straight but since my wisdom teeth had fully developed the overcrowding had got worse and it had got to the stage that I was noticing it in photos, and that really bugged me. I had recently got engaged and with the wedding approaching in May, I decided I wanted the perfect smile for our perfect day!

I was very impressed by the friendly and relaxing atmosphere created by staff.

The first consultation went smoothly; I was very impressed by the friendly and relaxing atmosphere created by staff. Dr Bohara advised that Six Month Smiles was the best treatment for me, I was happy as this was closest to my budget, but was still a little nervous about parting with the cash. I was unsure if I could justify spending that sort of money on minor overcrowding, but in coming towards the end of the treatment I feel it was worth every penny. I am more than happy with the results of the treatment – which took less than six months!!
For me, there was very little pain with the braces – some chaffing on the lips that can be eased or prevented by the wax provided in the Dental Suite goody bag! As a teacher in a secondary school I was worried what the kids might say (as well as friends, family and colleagues) but to my surprise, even after four months of having braces, the majority of my students hadnt even noticed until I mentioned it!! I am extremely happy with the outstanding treatment and professional service I have received from all of the staff at the Dental Suite and would recommend them to anyone who is considering discreet braces in their pursuit of their perfect smile. I cant wait to show mine off on our wedding day!!